Here are some 7 month pictures of Everett! He is sitting up so well this month, started some solids (oatmeal, bananas, squash, apples, pear, sweet potatoes, and his favorites mango and pineapple), 100% breastmilk, he is starting to play more with toys, sleeping two 2-3 hour naps a day, wakes up at 9AM, STILL wanting a bottle around 3-4 AM, getting so close to crawling, getting a lot better at putting his own paci in, can clap on command!, loves watching Harleigh, and really turning into a snuggly boy! Each month is my favorite month! It just keeps getting more and more fun! Being a momma is the best!


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I can’t wait for you to look through some of Hannah’s senior pictures! We took all the pictures on their property! Most of her pictures are with her horses but what you can’t see in these pictures is they also have a pig, goat, DONKEY!!!, etc. Chico the Donkey is my soulmate, by the way. Anyway this family is such a special family and I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to capture Hannah. She is one of the most beautiful young woman inside and out that I know. I am sad she is off to college but so excited what God has in store for her next!


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