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While I was at Hobby Lobby the other day, I saw all of the Christmas decorations already up! Something about them putting up the decorations so early drives me crazy! They even play Christmas music before Thanksgiving!? All that said, I always wait to the last minute to decorate, buy gifts, and all of the other things that go into the category of “Things to do Around Christmas Time”. Right in the middle of the holiday season, when things are getting overwhelming, I always remind myself that I could have gotten some of those things on the list done early! I think, “If I would have done some of this early I would have found the decorations I really needed, I could have had more time to pick a gift for everyone that they are really going to like, and on and on!” Well this special is one to HOPEFULLY make your holiday season a little bit easier!

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From the session we will pick our favorites and fit them into the right card for you! We can create your card as early as the day you see your session pictures or we can wait until it is a little closer to time to the holiday season. At that point, the hard work is done and picking out your card will be the easy part! I use a wonderful professional photography lab which offers top quality flat cards. You can’t afford to pass up this deal! What am I thinking?! :)


-You have to be one of the first 5 clients to book a session with me. To see how to book a session click here.

-This offer is on Holiday Cards for the 2012 season.

-The Holiday cards come in a regular card paper, linen texture, and a pearl. (All three are wonderful!)

-I will customize three card designs depending on your taste and picture selections that you can choose from! That way all the families in our community will not have seen your card design!

-Additional cards, custom designs, paper types, sizes, and card shapes can be purchased.


NWA Clients: I will be in Arkansas for a couple weeks September and November to take pictures. Any other time, I charge a traveling fee.

OKC Clients: I will be in Oklahoma for a week in September to take pictures. Any other time, I charge a traveling fee.

All other locations: I charge a traveling fee.

Can’t wait to start scheduling!


Fort Worth, TX | Childrens Photography- Tell me he isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen!!


Hey everyone! I have a product promotional going on during the month of August that I would love to tell you about! I chose the calendars for the August product promotion after I ordered one for myself to frame and put in my house and ended up LOVING it! I always get comments on it when people see it. The design of these are fully customized to fit your pictures perfectly! Giving you two of these allows you to give one away as a gift. It would be a great gift for the grandparents. Anyway, check out how cute they are! I can’t wait to make new designs and give some of these out! If you are interested in scheduling let me know!


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