Monthly Archives: October 2013

Meet Megan! She is graduating from Boswell High School with Class of 2014! I know it is hard to believe but she is actually more beautiful on the inside then she is on the outside! This precious girl has a heart of gold! We went shot at a field in the part of North Fort Worth around the Eagle Mountain Lake and Trinity Park. Take a look at her pictures!


Meet my new 2014 Senior Jared! He is graduating from Boswell High School in Fort Worth, TX next year in June! We had so much fun on our shoot and Jared was such a joy to be around! Jared is on the Boswell Varsity Basketball Team so naturally we started our shoot at his gym! We then went downtown to the historic Fort Worth Texas & Pacific Railroad Passenger Station (also know as the T&P Station). Last, we went down to the canal that runs underneath the Fort Worth Stockyards and finished with a couple pictures in the ally ways. I am so excited to show y’all his pictures! I love how they turned out!


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